24/7 Health Check and Fine Tuning for Gas Turbines

24/7 Health Check and Fine Tuning for Gas Turbines

December 15, 2014 at 12:12pm

A regular medical check up is always good, because you find out about your current state of health and find problems before they start, when treatment is easier. Ultimately, though, a check up is about how you are at that moment in time.

What if you could know how you are doing – not just once every year or so – but all year long, day and night, whether working, exercising, cooking dinner or relaxing at the park? While such monitoring is years or decades away for people, that’s exactly what’s done today in thousands of GE power generating gas turbines around the world.

GE technology, software, and service and optimization packages leverage the benefits of the Industrial Internet with powerful software analytics and control systems to constantly take “health” readings of GE gas turbines and balance of plant equipment via reams of data coming from countless sensors monitoring every part of the plant.

This allows turbine operators to constantly monitor how their equipment is running in real time, 24/7.

But these optimization solutions do more than just monitor.

OpFlex, for example, helps operators fine tune their plant, continually watching for operational challenges like weather changes, fuel property variation, grid frequency changes, compressor fouling and hardware aging.

As a result, plant managers can achieve goals such as improve gas turbine health and operation, maintain emissions compliance, extend hardware longevity, and expand operating envelopes and performance. Meanwhile, they also protect the bottom line by identifying issues early and making changes remotely, thereby avoiding expensive maintenance trips and costly manual tuning.

Learn more about what OpFlex can do for your plant.

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