2010 Annual Report: The year behind and what’s ahead

2010 Annual Report: The year behind and what’s ahead

March 20, 2011 at 05:03am

Innovating on a large scale, manufacturing expertise and being a catalyst for change are key themes at GE, according to the new 2010 Annual Report that recently launched online. GE’s online report is also one of the first to be available as an iPad app.

GE’s investment portfolio mix is solid for the next few years as the company is positioned to capitalize on some big themes like emerging-market growth, affordable healthcare and clean energy. The company portfolio breadth helps strong relationships in growth markets like – Middle East, Africa, Canada, Australia, Russia and Latin America – an approach called ‘Company-Country’ approach.

Moving forward, GE growth imperatives include new product launches and services that continue to focus on solving big customer problems as well as partnerships that extend the companies capabilities.
In 2010, GE generated $20 billion of revenue from businesses in which they were not present in 2000; the plan is to generate another $20 billion of revenue in new markets over the next decade.

The GE brand is built on solving tough problems for consumers and society while building deep customer relationships. The GE belief that big societal problems can be solved and money can be earned at the same time continues to hold true and is one of the main reasons that customers continue to buy from GE.

Jeff Immelt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GE says at the end of his letter in the Annual Report “There are many reasons to invest in GE. I have always described myself as a tough-minded optimist. I have never been more optimistic! GE’s best days are ahead.”

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