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  • World Future Energy Summit

    The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) brings together global leaders in policy, technology and business to discuss state-of-the-art innovation, develop new ways of thinking and shape the future of renewable energy.

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    From 16 January 2012 To 19 January 2012 Venue Abu Dhabi,
    United Arab Emirates
  • Global Competitiveness Forum

    The Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) raises awareness and enthusiasm around competitiveness challenges. The event critically evaluates competitiveness theory and practice relating to international trade, regional development, innovation, sustainability, globalization and more.

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    From 21 January 2012 To 24 January 2012 Venue Riyadh,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Arab Health

    Arab Health is the premier professional event for those involved in healthcare in the Middle East. The event combines exhibitions with education to promote excellence in patient care and healthcare delivery. Learn the latest in education, research and technological innovation.

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    From 23 January 2012 To 26 January 2012 Venue Dubai,
    United Arab Emirates
  • International Women’s Day

    Every International Women’s Day we celebrate the many remarkable achievements of women around the world, and right here at home.

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    From 08 March 2012 To 08 March 2012
  • 2011 Annual Report

    Learn how we are at work making the world work better in our 2011 Annual Report.

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  • WETEX (Water, Energy Technology and Environment Exhibition)

    The Water, Energy Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) tackles critical issues about resources along with advanced technologies such as fossil fuel, nuclear, renewables, power generation, smart grids, efficiency and conservation.

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    From 13 April 2012 To 15 April 2012 Venue Dubai,
    United Arab Emirates
  • SME & Business Forum

    The SME & Business Forum is a gateway for SMEs to accelerate their business networks across Egypt and beyond. Explore business opportunities, learn the latest market trends and more.

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    From 20 April 2012 Venue Cairo,
  • Arab Future Cities Summit

    The Arab Future Cities Summit is an international gathering of city leaders, government officials, developers, academics and more. Learn about strategies, insights and best practices to implement a smart and sustainable future for the cities of tomorrow.

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    From 23 April 2012 To 24 April 2012 Venue Doha,