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Our people are the architects of the future. We sit in the front seat of history. Meet the people behind GE and see how our employees are working to move, build, power and cure the world each and every day.

  • Atef Masoud on Creating Efficiencies & Inspiring Excellence on the Job

    Atef Masoud, Engineer and Cell Leader at GE Power and Water works to drive Fulfillment 5 excellence across EHS, quality, delivery cycle, cost and productivity.

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  • Arwa Aldossary on Technology and Productivity in the Workplace

    Arwa Aldossary, Senior Technician, GE Power & Water works to streamline worker processes in a complex environment, and increase productivity overall through technology.

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  • Cici Safavi on Healthcare Performance Solutions

    Cici Safavi works to address the complex and challenging issues facing healthcare organizations today. As a Client Program Manager for GE Healthcare, she partners with healthcare providers across the region to improve operational, clinical and management processes by leveraging GE's industry recognized tools, clinical expertise and global best practices.

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  • Elliot Lewis on Community Outreach

    Portfolio management and volunteer leadership? For Elliot Lewis, it’s all part of being a GE team member. Elliot is a Portfolio Manager for GE, but as GE Volunteers Leader for the UAE, he also promotes volunteer events that enrich learning at local schools, raises funds for local charities and more.

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  • Ahmad Alnaim on Safety & Efficiencies in the Kingdom

    Ahmad Alnaim, Combustion Method Engineer, GE Power and Water, works to eliminate environment, health and safety risks. Learn about how this Saudi engineer works to create excellence on the job.

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  • Isam Moursy on Flight Paths for Growth in MENA

    A veteran of GE with over 20 years of experience, Isam Moursy works to strengthen GE’s aviation business by forging long-term strategic partnerships while nurturing local training and empowering local workforces across the Middle East and Africa.

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  • Wayne Davies on Diversity in MENA

    Wayne Davies works to make GE the place where the very best talent from all walks of life will want to join, develop and grow together. He provides HR leadership across the region by building talent and capability to support the company’s ambitious growth plans. Wayne Davies is Human Resources Director for GE in the ...

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