Powering Egypt into the New Decade

Powering Egypt into the New Decade

September 20, 2011 at 08:09am

Electricity is fundamental to the economic growth of a country. Part of GE’s continued contributions to a nation’s progress is through providing reliable and efficient power generation solutions, which is at the heart of the Company’s commitment to the Middle East.

This is evidenced by Egypt’s selection of GE power generation technology and services for the Giza North and Banha power plants, to support Cairo’s growing electricity needs. The projects will add 2,250 megawatts or 10 percent of capacity to the country’s grid by 2013. The additional capacity that will be generated will support the growing power needs of residents and businesses in Cairo. According to the country’s Ministry of Electricity and Energy, Egypt is experiencing a 13percent growth in in electricity demand from 2009 to 2010. And demand for electricity is expected to grow at a rate of approximately 11percent over the next five years. In order to drive further development in Egypt, this growing demand in power must be met.

GE will supply a total of six advanced F-technology gas turbines, which offer high efficiency and low emissions in combined-cycle operation. The 9FA Gas Turbines that will be delivered to Egypt are equipped with GE’s advanced Dry Low NOx (DLN) combustion technology to support lower emissions at Giza North and Banha power plants, enabling the facilities to meet Egypt’s emission targets.

GE has been present in Egypt since 1974. Over the years, GE has played a key role in infrastructure projects across the country in various sectors including power, oil & gas, healthcare and transportation. There are nearly 70 GE gas turbines installed in Egypt, generating more than seven gigawatts or a quarter of the country’s installed capacity. Today, there are more than 100 employees working for GE in Egypt. GE is committed to remaining a long-term partner in the economic development of the country.

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