#GetFit and Get Healthy

#GetFit and Get Healthy

September 02, 2012 at 09:09am

Last year, people across the Middle East rose to the challenge set by GE Healthcare’s ‘Get Fit’ social media competition to raise awareness about cancer prevention and healthier living. Twitterati across Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE endorsed healthy lifestyle practices via social media. And this year, the challenge continues!

Participants and teams in every country will compete against one another to accumulate ‘healthy’ points and badges as the game unfolds on a journey around the globe. To play, simply post a comment about what you are doing to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Reasons could include eating a healthy meal, going for a swim, cutting out smoking, and so on. At the end of the game, teams and winners with the most points accumulated will be announced. Ultimately, everyone wins – as people across the world join together to help to spread cancer awareness across the region, and the world.

Get into the game! To play #GetFit, click here.

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  1. Dr. Ahmed says:

    I think getting to bed early and wake up early is one of a healthy behavior in the world

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